Animal House


Head of Unit  José A. Belo

Manager Sara Marques

Technician Neusa Miguel

The CBME/UAlg Animal Facility is a conventional facility for the housing of laboratory mouse strains under

 “Specific Pathogen Free” (SPF) conditions and consists of 4 units:

  • Two independent rooms for the housing of the animals (5.000);

  • One experimental room, equiped for small surgeries and dissections;

  • One support room, for cleaning, washing and sterilization of cages, food and bedding;

  • Technical support for animal health and wellfare (MDV, as by line d) of nº37 Portaria 1005/92)



As services, the CBME/UAlg Animal Facility may provide:

  • Technical and scientific support to investigators from Ualg using mouse models in their experiments;

  • Breeding small numbers of mouse “inbred” strains, namely C57/B6 and 129/Sv;

  • Breeding and housing of geneticaly modified mouse strains;

  • Technical and scientific advice to investigators planing to design genetic manipulation experiments

    using mouse models;

  • Biomedical, phamacological, toxicity, etc. studies for external entities  upon request and contract.


 For further information, please contact Sara Marques

Phone: +351 289 800028/56, fax: +351 289 818419

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