The Universidade do Algarve  Portimão  Campus Library's collection comprizes mainly the support bibliography to the courses lectured in Portimão.
It is composed by:

  • About 6500 thousand monographs, classified and arranged on the shelves according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)

  • 32 Periodical publications

  • 816 Audiovisual documents (video cassettes, audio, audio CD, CD-ROM, DVD)

  • Several statistical publications
  • Master's and PhD theses from the University of Algarve and other universities
  • Two-stage theses (Bietápicas) and traineeship reports

The existing documentary fund mainly covers the following thematic areas:
Art, Accounting, Law, Economics, Education, Statistics, Management, History, Computer Science, Languages, Marketing, Matemathics, Human Resources, Public Relations, Sociology and Tourism.

The Library also has a research computer with access to the UAlg's Library Catalogue, as well as  full text documents and online and reference databases.

Thematic Plant:




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