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Linguistic Dictionaries

Portuguese Language Dictionaries

Portal da língua Portuguesa Website of the Portuguese Language - Organized Repository of linguistic resources
Ciberdúvidas Website of the "Portuguese Language Society" that answers questions about the Portuguese language
Flip Syntactic spell checker for the Portuguese Language: version on line and install version on the pc with word files
Infopédia  Service of the Pubisher Porto Editora
Lince A tool that helps implement the New Portuguese Spelling (AO), converting the contents of text files to the new spelling

Other Languages Dictionaries

English Language Dictionaries

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Dictionary.com (Lexico Publishing Group)
The American Heritage. Dictionary of the English Language

French Language Dictionaries

Grand Dictionnaire

German Language Dictionaries

Pons Online Worterbuch Dictionary German- Portuguese/ Portuguese - German                                                                                                   

Greek Language Dictionaries

DGE- Diccionario Griego- Español

Italian Language Dictionaries

Digita Web. Dizionario d'italiano on-line

Spanish Language Dictionaries

Diccionario de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua
Diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos de la lengua española Vox

Bilingual Dictionaries

French/ English dictionary
German/English dictionary
Universal Multilingual Dictionary
WordReference English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese translation dictionaries

Multilingual Dictionaries

IATE Vocabulary maintained by the Translation Service of the European Union, with equivalent terms in all official languages
Linguee Unique translation tool combining an editoral dictionary and a search engine with which you can search hundreds of bilingual texts for words and expressions
Universal Multilingual Dictionary Multilingual dictionary on-line

General Encyclopedias

Encyclopaedia Britannica Reduced Version.
Reference.com (Lexico Publishing Group)
Wikipedia Portuguese version of the open access encyclopedia constantly updated by cybercitizens

Dicitionaries/ Specialized Glossaries

Architecture Glossary (Portuguese/English)
Catalogue de Coup de Viande Glossary of meat cuts (English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish
Contractor School Online Glossary of construction terms in English
Dermatology Information System DermIS.net, provides images of dermatological diseases
Dicionário de Energia Eléctrica  Dictionary of Electrical Energy (Portuguese/English)
Dicionário de Engenharia Civil Dictionary of Civil Engineering
Dicionário Digital de Termos Médicos Digital Dictionary of Medical Terms
Dicionários de construção, mecânica e técnicos no geral Dictionaries of construction, mechanics and technics - Brazil
EEA Multilingual Environmental Glossary  
International Electrotechnical Comission (IEC)  
Glossário de Automação Industrial: sensores Glossary of Industrial Automation
Glossário de Aperitivos Food and Drinks Glossary
Glossário de Termos Hidrogeológicos Glossary of Hydrogeologic Terms
Glossário sobre Verduras e Legumes Glossary of Vegetables
Glossário de Termos Técnicos Rodoviários (English/Portuguese)
Glossário de Termos Vinícolas Wine Glossary
Glossário de Telecomunicações Glossary of Telecommunications by ANACOM
Glossário de Telecomunicações Glossary of Telecommunications by DrayTec
Glossários de Química e outros Glossaries of Chemistry and others subjects
Glossary of English to Portuguese Translation  (Geology)
Glossary of English to Portuguese Translation  (Mining and Minerals)
Léxico de Termos Sedimentológicos Lexicon of sedimentological terms
Multilingual Dictionary of Odour and Flavour Terms  
Oenology Glossary  
Technical Dictionary Festo Several glossaries on Electronics, Mechanics, etc.
Tecnicontrol Dictionary of energy terms in Portuguese.
Terminologia Técnica de Máquinas e Equipamentos Machines and EquipmentTechnical Terminology
Vitisvinum Dictionary  
Wine Glossary (Portuguese/English)

Other useful tools (translators, thesaurus, etc)

Acronymfinder.com Dictionaries of Acronyms
Anglicismos on-line  Instituto Politécnico de Viseu
Ciberdúvidas Website of the "Portuguese Language Society" that answers questions about the Portuguese language.
Dicionários-online.com Links to dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and other reference works in Portuguese on the Internet.
hyperdictionary.com English, computer, thesaurus, dream, medical
OneLooK DictionarySearch Search of dictionaries
Thesaurus.com Lexico Publishing Group
Traduções Babel Fish Translations - Yahoo's automatic translators (very useful)
Ultralingua Web Definitions and translations
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