Light Microscopy Facility


The Cell Imaging Unit (CIU) provides State-of-the-Art systems for fixed and live cell imaging, all equipped with highly sensitive cameras for digital image documentation using a large number of specific modules for subsequent image analysis. Quality technical support is provided ranging from advice in experimental design to data analysis.



 Available Equipments and Manuals

DeltaVision Core inverted microscope for live imaging   Manual   Trouble-shooting  Workstation

LSM710 Confocal microscope for live imaging  and  spectral detection system

Manual  Quick Guide   
Axio Imager Z2 Fluorescence microscope with Apotome  Manual  Quick Guide  Apotome
Axio Imager Z2 Fluorescence microscope  Manual  Quick Guide   
SteREO Lumar.V12 Fluorescence Stereomicroscope  Manual  Quick Guide   
Discovery V20         
Hyugens Software (image analysis & deconvolution)   Manual   Useful Links  


 Head of Unit

Inês Araújo

tel: 289.800.534

Technician Manager

Cláudia Florindo

tel: 289.244.495


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