Live Animal Imaging Unit

The High Frequency Ultrasound System provides high-resolution imaging of small animal models to visualize anatomical structures and hemodynamic functions in vivo, longitudinally in a non-invasive manner.
The main application areas are: cardiovascular research, cancer research, abdominal imaging, inflammation, reproductive biology, neurobiology, embryonic development, ophthalmology, tissue regeneration and stem cell.
The techniques available are:
  • 2D and 3D anatomical structures visualization and measurements.
  • Blood flow analysis.
  • Image-guided injection and biopsies.
  • Contrast imaging to quantify relative perfusion and study biomarker expression.
  • VevoStrain analysis software for cardiac research.
 Quality technical support is provided ranging from advice in experimental design to data analysis.
Echocardiography. M-Mode image of parasternal long axis view showing left ventricular walls measurements.
  • Vevo2100 Imaging System
  • Vevo Imaging Station
  • Micro-Injection System
  • Anesthesia System
  • MS250 MicroScan Transducer (21 MHz)
  • MS550D MicroScan Transducer(40 MHz)
Head of Unit:
José A. Belo
Tel: 289 800 040
Maurícia Vinhas
Tel: 289 244 492
Location of the Unit: Animal House, Blg I2, Experimental Room
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