The University of Algarve confers the degree of Master in Medicine, with the respective study courses. Announced by the Portuguese Prime Minister in July 2008, the integrated master of Medicine from UAlg was the first degree in Portugal totally and exclusively organized for students with a first cycle degree.

The physicians formed by the UAlg will be “professionals that combine knowledge, Health comprehension and promotion, Disease, prevention, and management, always taking into account the individual integrated into its social and familial context. Our goal is to form medical doctoral with theoretical knowledge but importantly with the ability to effectively communicate with patients and colleagues and with the ability to execute all the medical procedures with technical perfection. These three strands of a good professional will be tested frequently during the degree.

The technological advances in medicine during the last 60 years increased the risk to loose the direct, personal and human contacts with patients. There is the risk of forming medicine technicians instead of medical doctors, considering the patients only as objects of intervention. At UAlg we want to form women and men with a high degree of humanism in their relationships with patients, acting always with empathy and compassion. This goal begins already with the innovative process of candidate selection. We want to encourage everyone to work as part of a professional team, which includes the students, professors, researchers, and the medical doctors from all the Algarve region. All the members of the professor teams are highly motivated.

We all wish success in your way for your degree.

The founder and ex-dean of the Medicine degree

Doutor José C. Ponte

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