Rector's Message About the Start of Academic Year: Safety Concept + Directive on Teaching


Rector's Message About the Start of Academic Year: Safety Concept + Directive on Teaching


Dear students,

I hope you are all doing well and ready for the beginning of a new and challenging academic year. Special regards to the new master and PhD students that for the first time are part of Universidade do Algarve’s community. We miss your presence in our campi, the ideal place for sharing and acquiring knowledge. In the past months we have been working hard so that you can come back in a safe and smooth way. 

From the 8th to the 25th of September the registration’s renewal period will take place, fully online. The schedules for 2020/21 will be available in the next few days. On the 6th of October classes will start. This academic year the classes of the 1st semester will be extended until the end of January, as mentioned in the academic calendar.

Most of the classes will take place face-to-face in our campus, but some of them may occur remotely, depending on the size and type of class. More detailed information will be provided by the faculties/schools and/or Program Director.

Teaching facilities (classrooms, auditoriums, and labs) will have its capacity reduced to 50%. The use of mask will be mandatory in all classes, as well as in all buildings. We are reinforcing the number of gel hand sanitizer dispensers near teaching facilities. We are also improving cleaning and ventilation of spaces. We are signaling the movement of people in the building, to avoid crossings and assure physical distance.

All services will be working. The cafeteria’s timetable will be extended to suppress the capacity reduction recommended by the Direção Geral de Saúde (National Health Service). Cafeterias and snack-bars will have its own regulations, visible at the location. Libraries and study rooms will also have its capacity reduced. Online interaction with other services (academic, social, international and mobility, faculty/school offices) should be preferred.   

We are counting on the responsible behavior of each one of you to assure the safety of all. It is essential that you follow the recommendations of teachers and staff. Physical distancing should be respected at all times, especially outside classes. Time spent in campus should be reduced to essential activities.

To keep you informed we will permanently update the micro-site COVID-19, which should be frequently visited by you so that we can quickly and safely respond to the challenges that the current pandemic demands from our University.

To all, we wish you a successful 2020/21 academic year.

Paulo Águas

Rector of the University of Algarve

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