Research Lines

The Regenerative Medicine Program as an integrative research project:


The three strategic areas are perfectly integrated with each other. Many of the molecular and cellular mechanisms important in the biology of stem cells and in Organogenesis, such as control of cell division and proliferation and cell migration, are also involved in cancer. Given that fact, the scientific dialogue between researchers in these areas will not only facilitate the exchange of concepts and technologies but also enable further advancement of scientific knowledge.As the changes in cancer cells are identified, the knowledge and technology acquired within the area of Cell Therapy can be applied in the treatment of cancer.Moreover, the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms involved in stem cell biology, in organogenesis and in carcinogenesis, will provide the required framework for the development of more effective therapeutic strategies. It will also guide the identification of potential therapeutic approaches. In addition, the integration of the work of basic researchers and clinicians will allow access to important material of study (e.g., malignant tissues of patients) and direct application in clinical cases.


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