Search and Diffusion

One may search for information and resources in digital form, either in the UAlg's library terminals or across the UAlg's network:

  • The UAlg's bibliographic catalogue that references all existing documents in separate databases.
  • Bibliographic search or general search: allows you to  search all documents in a single database and to confirm the availability of the document you are searching for.
  • The SAPIENTIA, institutional repository for UAlg teachers' scientific and academic publications gathering documents in digital format (theses and dissertations, articles, papers, etc.).
  • B-on portal: scientific information research through the national consortium b-on.
  • Databases: full-text databases of restricted access subscribed by UAlg's Library.
  • E-books: Search for available e-books.
  • Open Access Resources: list of open access documents selected by UAlg's Library.

Users can save or print the results of the search.

Users can ask UAlg's Library staff for help whenever is necessary.

Scan and Copy

There are copying machines available for a nominal fee for black & white and colour copies. To use them, though, you will need to purchase a magnetic card (rechargeable) from the auto-vending machine or at the UAlg's Library's main counter. Please remember that you will be responsible for upholding any intellectual property restrictions applicable.

The price of the rechargeable magnetic card is 1,50 €.

Photocopies Prices:

Black & White
A4: € 0,05
A3: € 0,10


A4: € 0,50
A3: € 0,75


For scaning the cost is 0,05€ for every 5 scans.


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