What is the  UAlg V+ group?
Work group with elements from all academic community. Each Faculty/School has its own representative in the group (see contacts here).

What are the goals of this group?
> To promote a good relationship among people, through volunteer work;
> To promote opportunities to learn and to develop technical, scientific and social skills;
> To cooperate with the community.

How can we achieve them?
> Encouraging coolaboration among all members of the UAlg community;
> Collaborating with other organizations in developing projects in social, educational, scientific, sports, cultural, environmental and leisure areas.

In which areas we work?
> Health;
> Educational;
> Science;
> Culture;
> Sports;
> Heritage protection;
> Environment and Civil Protection;
> Others.

This group is regulated by a set of rules available here.

If you want to know people, have fun and give time to our community,

Join us!

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