Ana Teresa Maia


University of Algarve

Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, Bld 7

Phone: +351 289 800 095 (internal extn. 7802)




Academic Degrees

  • 1992 – 1997 B.Sc. Applied Chemistry New University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 1998 – 1999 M.Sc Human Genetics Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, U.K..
  • 1999 – 2003 Ph.D. Human Molecular Genetics Institute of Cancer Research, London, U.K..



  • 1996-1998 Undergraduate researcher in training, Department of Genetics, New University of Lisbon.
  • 1998-1999 MSc student, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.
  • 1999-2003 PhD student, Institute of Cancer Research, University of London.
  • 2003-2008 Research Associate, Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge.
  • 2008-2011 Senior Research Associate, Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge & CRUK Cambridge Research Institute.
  • 2011-present Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, University of Algarve.


Research Interests

I am interested in studying allelic imbalance in gene expression, a common feature of our genome. Due to regulatory polymorphisms, which can occur both in cis- and in trans-, a large number of our genes are preferentially expressed from one allele. This unequal expression can contribute to susceptibility to common diseases. My main aim is to try to use this concept to develop a new method to study predisposition to breast cancer. Additionally, I am investigating the role that this imbalance can play in tumour biology, namely in the effect of mutations and treatment response.


Project Grants

2013 - 2015     “Cis-regulation of somatic mutations in breast and ovarian cancers”; PTDC/BIM-ONC/1338/2012; Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

2012 - 2016     “Genetic Control of Gene Expression in Cancer Risk”; Marie Curie Career Integration Grant FP7-PEOPLE-2011-CIG/PCIG10-GA-2011-303745, The Research Executive Agency, EC

2008 – 2009 Breast Cancer Research Foundation Grant, U.S.A., Differential Allelic Expression Analysis of Susceptibility Loci in Breast Cancer.

2009 – 2010 Breast Cancer Research Foundation Grant , U.S.A., Differential Allelic Expression Analysis of Susceptibility Loci in Breast Cancer.


Selected Publications (2008-2012)

French JD1*, Ghoussaini M*, Meyer KB*, Edwards S*, Michailidou K, Ahmed S, Khan S, Maranian MJ, O'Reilly M, Hillman KM, Betts JA, Carroll T, Bailey PJ, Dicks E, Beesley J, Tyrer J, Maia AT, et al. Fine scale mapping and functional analysis of the breast cancer 11q13 (CCND1) locusAmerican Journal of Human Genetics, In Press.

Maia AT*Antoniou AC, O’Reilly M, Samarajiwa S, Dunning M, Kartsonaki C, Chin SF, Curtis CN, McGuffog L, Domchek SM, EMBRACE, et al. Effects of BRCA2 cis-regulation in normal breast and cancer risk amongst BRCA2 mutation carriersBreast Cancer Research. 2012 Apr 18;14(2):R63.

Liu R, Maia AT, Russell R, Caldas C, Ponder BA, Ritchie ME. Allele-specific expression analysis methods for high-density SNP microarray data.Bioinformatics. 2012 Apr 15;28(8):1102-8.

Curtis C#, Shah SP#, Chin SF#, Turashvili G#, Rueda OM, Dunning MJ, Speed D, Lynch AG, Samarajiwa S, Yuan Y, Gräf S, Ha G, Haffari G, Bashashati A, Russell R, McKinney S, METABRIC Group, Langerød A, et al. The genomic and transcriptomic architecture of 2,000 breast tumours reveals novel subgroups.Nature. 2012 Apr 18;486(7403):346-52.

Meyer KB, Maia AT, O’Reilly M, Ghoussaini M, Prathalingam R, Porter-Gill P, Ambs S, Prokunina-Olsson L, Carroll J, Ponder BAJ. A functional variant at a prostate cancer predisposition locus at 8q24 is associated with PVT1 expression. PLoS Genetics, 21 July 2011, 7(7): e1002165 .

Azzato EM, Lee AX, Teschendorff A, Ponder BAJ, Pharoah P, Caldas C, Maia AT*. Common germline variation of C1qA in relation to breast cancer risk and survival. British Journal of Cancer. 2010 Apr 13;102(8):1294-1299.

Maia AT*, Spiteri I, Lee AJX, Jones L, O’Reilly M, Caldas C and Ponder BAJ. Extent of differential allelic expression of candidate breast cancer genes is similar in blood and breast. Breast Cancer Research, 2009 Dec; 11(6):R88 Epub.

Dunning AM, Healey CS, Baynes C, Maia AT, Scollen S, Vega A, et al. Association of ESR1 gene tagging SNPs with breast cancer risk. Human Molecular Genetics 2009 Mar 15; 18(6): 1131-1139.

Meyer KB#, Maia AT#, O'Reilly M, Teschendorff AE, Chin SF, Caldas C, Ponder BAJ. Predisposition to breast cancer due to overexpression of FGFR2. PLoS Biology, 2008 May 6; 6 (5) pp. e108.

# Co-first author, *Corresponding author




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