Crescer a Salvar Project

The “Crescer a Salvar” project aims to provide compulsory Basic Life Support (BLS) training in the Algarve for all upper primary school children, as per Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic nº 33/2013.

Sudden cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) is one of the main causes of death in Europe, and only an integrated and coordinated response will allow for higher survival rates among these victims.

The "Crescer a Salvar" project has arisen precisely from the need to increase the number of people trained to identify victims of CPA, call 112 and start BLS maneuvers, essential procedures necessary to save more lives.




Schools provide a unique opportunity within which to teach fundamental concepts to all citizens, such as the BLS. The project aims to increase the awareness, interest and knowledge of young people on this topic, further making them multipliers of the information outside the school environment.

This Project, developed in 3 stages, initially involves the Certified Training of Teachers of Basic Education by LIFE, Accredited by the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), which will later transmit the theoretical content to the students. The third phase, in the context of Mass Training, students will have the possibility to practice practical skills under the guidance of LIFE trainers.

The Project will be rolled out on a Regional scale, through a structured plan that allows for student monitoring, allowing for a medium/long term increase in the percentage of the population with knowledge of BLS, thus increasing the probability of survival of the victims of sudden CPA in the Algarve.

Schools in the Algarve region where the Crescer a Salvar project is to be implemented.

Crescer a Salvar is a non-profit project, free of charge for students, teachers and schools, therefore depending on local/regional sponsorships. On the regional map you can find sponsors who have already joined the project. Join this initiative!