Why study with us?

The privileged location of the University of the Algarve, next to Faro Airport, the quality of teaching and research, as well as the excellent infrastructures it provides, combined with the synergies it establishes with the region, grants this peripheral institution a central and international status.

Here, proximity is felt widely, there being no barriers between members of the academic community, therefore providing a level of education that’s closer to home, the experience of each student adapted to their learning standards.

It should also be noted that the institution places in various international rankings in the areas of Health Sciences and Technologies; Economy, Management and Tourism; Social and Education Sciences, Arts and Humanity and Exact and Natural Sciences.

In the uniqueness that the University of Algarve represents, each organic unit is also distinguished and differentiated by its uniqueness, by the unmistakable characteristics and potential that make each School, Faculty and Institute an open space of excellence, sharing and welcoming.


Why choose our university?

  • The newly created Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FMCB) provides differentiated, innovative training in the Medical and Biomedical fields in close connection with scientific research in the field of Biomedicine. 
  • An Undergraduate Degree in Biomedical Sciences covers a fundamental area of Biomedicine with its solid, current curriculum and a strong scientific component that aims to establish firm foundations of knowledge. 
  • The Integrated Master’s in Medicine (MIM) is an innovative course in Portugal, exclusively geared towards graduates with an integrated curriculum based on clinical cases. Learning at MIM is centred on student accountability and self-learning, provided via theoretical/practical support and clinical practice from the second week of the course onwards. 
  • The Master's and PhD Programmes available reflect the University’s determination to promote the transmission of knowledge between the basic sciences and clinical areas, providing the Algarve with uniquely skilled, highly-trained science professionals. 
  • Choosing FMCB means investing in human and academic development through innovative, demanding, quality training geared towards fostering knowledge.