The PhD Program in Clinical Research and Translational Medicine aims to provide methodologically detailed interdisciplinary training that enables students to understand the scientific, ethical, and regulatory issues associated with Clinical Research (CI) and equips them with the skills to carry out CI articulated with care practice, while promoting the transmission of knowledge from the basic sciences to the clinical area, in an improvement of the clinical care provided.

The Program aims to contribute to empower Portugal in the sphere of reference countries in the development in clinical studies, by increasing clinical research in a global sense and strictly of health professionals participating in it. Moreover, the Program aims to contribute to the development of the Algarve Region, more specifically with regard to the specialization of health professionals and the possibility of providing the region with a proximity and high quality scientific offer. At the same time it promotes the articulation of professionals specialized in basic areas with professionals from clinical areas, in joint research projects in the field of Translational Medicine.